Post Post

by Daniel


This week was my first week as a post-graduate. This week I started my first professional substitute position. I’ll be covering for Colleen Ludwig two weeks, for a combined Physical Computing, Advanced Digital Art, and Senior Projects- Digital Studio Projects.  I’m proud of being asked.

My first class went well. We took a look at the first half of Each and Every One of You (Can Make Contemporary Installation Art), and a video by The Selby on Christine Sun Kim.  Part of the discussion I was continuing from Colleen’s was encouraging students in the class to begin thinking about their personal approaches to their work. I like these two videos as a contrasting pair.

Postcard from the future

Lets take a trip into the art of the past

On the one hand, EEOOY is playful and a bit ridiculous. The theory in it is great though, and the “Installation art directives are dead on:

  1. Take a Stand
  2. Make Aesthetic Decisions
  3. Develop the Concept
  4. Make the Work.

I don’t know of better, simpler advice than those 4 points for any artist.

Christine Sun Kim is a performance and sound artist. The Selby film focuses on her special relationship to sound. CK is concerned with reclaiming the ownership of sound through its translation into other forms of physicality. Her words coupled with Todd Selby’s video making are such a great pair of reflexive artistry.  At times, it seems like Kim is skipping the 2nd directive of Aesthetic Decision Making. In the end, however, you see that it is throughout the performance that she finds her way. In doing so, we and The Selby follow.