Artist Biography and Current Focus

Daniel Kelly

Born in 1968 in California, Daniel grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the small town of Volcano (population 102). A wide variety of interests followed.

A Peck School of the Arts alumni and 2013-14 Fullbright-Nehru Scholar, Daniel Robert Kelly, is a cross-discipline conceptual artist. He is active in multiple mediums ranging from automated personas that roam the social spaces of the Internet to interactivity embedded in analog exploits of traditionally projected celluloid. His work often uses traditional animation, digital videography and photography encased in sculptural artifacts and installation. He has exhibited in massive collaborative projects incorporating CGI for the Anchorage Museum, and the Milwaukee Modern Art Museum. Currently, he teaches digital video production, interactive installation and darkroom photography at Sierra Nevada College.

Daniel’s work focuses on exposing the framework of media creation, democratization of media production and the expanded range of modern digital productions. The result is 3 streams of work:

  • The performance of production.
  • DIY work ethic and skills.
  • High and Ultra-high definition video, high dynamic range captures, and computer generated images for scene augmentation.

The result is work that can question reality by the over-representation of reality, students who develop skills beyond the technical along with the ability to examine the role of privilege in production, and the incorporation of performance in all aspects of his work.

As a Gilman Scholar, CELTA teacher, and Fulbright-Nehru recipient, Daniel’s work is influenced by multiple cultures and backgrounds. From this flows a commitment to border-crossing collaboration and global engagement.